A Space for Every Place

An empty space is an opportunity, a blank canvas that allows you to imagine and create the perfect place to fit your needs and the needs of those you serve.

At Collective Spaces, our goal is to help you plan, design, and implement a physical environment that balances the best of function, organization, comfort, and aesthetics in a way that suits not only your business, but also your individual brand and style.

From libraries and schools to museums and corporate offices, Collective Spaces is dedicated to providing detailed, personalized attention to every client in every industry. We strive to create attractive, functional and dynamic environments that represent the needs and style of our clients and our clients’ clients. But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at our work.

Contact Us

Name: Mandy Flynn
e-mail: aflynn@collectivespacesdw.com
Phone: 513-265-3100