About Us

A few words….

Every room has a purpose. Our goal at Collective Spaces is to bring that purpose to life with unique and functional designs that inspire creativity and learning, encourage fellowship, and foster focus and organization.

At Collective Spaces, we’re problem solvers, and we love a good design challenge. Whether you’re a library, museum, office building, educational or athletic facility,  we’ll work within your vision and budget to create the perfect design solution for you and your customers. And with our singular attention to detail, you’ll never have to worry about a thing.

How it all came to be….

Collective Spaces originally started as “Only Libraries” back in 2006.  Owner, Amanda Flynn had been working in the library and furniture sales industries since 1999, gaining a true passion for library interior design and space planning.

She decided to launch her own company, Only Libraries ltd. as the culmination of her background as a double major in English and Interior Design. Only Libraries, ltd. was named for her librarian aunts who hailed from Only, Tennessee.

For 11 years, Only Libraries ltd. designed and furnished libraries throughout Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee.  But just as libraries grow and change to accommodate the needs of the communities they serve, Only Libraries, ltd. began to expand their creative network, designing spaces like Cincinnati’s Music Hall, offices for the Health Collaborative, and the science center at Eastern Kentucky University.  These new collaborations spurred a new way of thinking about spaces to learn, work, create, gather and collect….thus began an expanded outreach through the name, “Collective Spaces.”