Mechanical Assist

Mobilex® System is designed to accommodate Aetnastak® cantilevered, SmartShelf™, Case-Type/Cabinets or wide-space shelving systems.

Mobilex® offers infinite storage solutions for your specific needs: athletic equipment, artifacts, archives, supplies, golf bags, bulk storage, weapons, x-rays, etc.  The list is endless.


SafeAisle® offers the flexibility to design a user-friendly powered storage system for today’s work space environment.  SafeAisle’s® ability to monitor the entire aisle floor surface provides the safety of preventing carriage movement upon detection of a user or object within the aisle.

SafeAisle® offers a wide range of programmable options to include E-Pulse™ and Wi-Fi remote monitoring.  The optional automatic built-in battery backup maintains all the functionality in the event of a power failure.